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The Greatest Need in the Church

Can you think of a greater need in the church today than training faithful gospel preachers? The spiritual and numerical growth of the church depends on the gospel being preached. How shall we preach the gospel to future generations, if men are not being trained for ministry? Moreover, what kind of men are we training? Gospel preachers must do the work of an evangelist to have fulfilled ministries (2 Timothy 4:5). Help us to train hardworking, faithful men of integrity, who love the Lord, His church, His word, and the souls of men.

     The work we are asking you to consider will not only impact the church today, but prayerfully for years to come. We are proposing a work that will build for today and tomorrow in the Lord’s church.

     We believe the preaching of the cross is not only the greatest need in the church, but that it is also the greatest work in the church. No matter what else we may do, if we are not preaching the gospel, we are not saving souls. Where would you be in your life and relationship with God had not a faithful gospel preacher been there to teach you? Will you see to it that a faithful preacher will be there to teach others?
- Andy Erwin

Gospel Gleaner Editor
Andy D. Erwin, Ph. D.

Andy Erwin holds degrees from Amridge University (B.A, M.Div., Ph.D.) in the fields of theological, biblical, and ministerial studies. He is the minister for the Unity church of Christ, in Taft, Tennessee. He is also the editor of the Gospel Gleaner. Andy has been an instructor in various schools of preaching and Bible colleges since 2003. He is now actively training preachers around the world. Andy has also published eleven books, participated in six debates, and preached on four continents and in various countries and states since 1999. In addition to teaching and preaching, his workshops are conducted around the world to the glory of God. 

Our Work

The Summerdale congregation will serve as the sponsoring congregation for Andy Erwin as he travels to schools of preaching all over the world.

Andy will be teaching preaching students as well as faculty in these schools. He will write a curriculum for them, visit in person, and teach via the internet when possible. We will also be helping schools to build, furnish, and maintain their facilities.

The possibilities are truly limitless for this work. We expect to take part in the training of at least 300 students worldwide on an annual basis, not including the faculties of the various schools. Andy is currently teaching schools of preaching in East Africa, South Africa, the Philippines, and the United States. We hope to expand this work to include schools in other countries as well.

We are asking that you consider a fellowship with us in this great work. We are asking for a monthly donation of $100 to be sent to:

Summerdale Church of Christ
c/o Andy Erwin Preacher Training Work
PO Box 314
Summerdale, AL 36580